Everything Everywhere Barrel-Aged Tasting Preview

Everything Everywhere Barrel-Aged Tasting Preview

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November 19th and 20th, 2022 - Our very first member event is just around the corner. Everything Everywhere is very much about in-person human interaction, so we're sending this out early with the hope that Everyone can make plans to visit us.

This event is complimentary, and included as part of your membership. Each member may order two tickets. Any non-member who places an order, or member who places any number of orders totaling more than two tickets, will have their orders cancelled. Lastly, you must place your order from your member account. There are only 20 spots available per time slot.

Here's what you’ll get:

Each member will have access to two preview pours of our first barrel-aged beers in the tasting room. We highly recommend bringing a friend to share the experience with! You may claim these two pours at any time during our regular hours on November 19th or 20th; if you would like a proxy to have access to your pours, let us know ASAP at hello@everywherebeer.com.

Your reservation includes a behind-the-scenes look at our barrel program as we invite you into our cellar to taste in-process beers. We'll walk you through our plans for the year and talk beer - this should take about an hour.

We’ll have collaborative food items for purchase, too.The team will be in-house all weekend, and we'd really like to meet you all. Let's build the Everything Everywhere community together.

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