Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere isn't just a bottle club; it's a tight-knit community built around creating lasting memories and taste-driven experiences. Members of Everything Everywhere will have an opportunity to take advantage of literally everything we have to offer. This inaugural club will only have 150 spots. If you have any questions, email us at hello@everywherebeer.com

Important Stuff

  • Membership officially commences on January 1st, 2023.
  • The price is $150 per quarter, with a 2 quarter minimum membership required. You will be billed at the start of each quarter on the 1st of the month.
  • Membership includes quarterly packages of 4 beers each, for a total of 16 included 500ml bottles if you remain a member throughout the year. The beers will be a combination of barrel-aged ales including but not limited to imperial stout, barleywine, munichwine, and a variety of wild ales. Some beers may be doubled-up.
  • Each year we'll host 2 pickup parties, included in the price of your membership. Pickup parties are in April and October and are a chance to pickup your beers, meet the Everywhere team, make new friends, and meet fellow members. Food and beverage will be included.
  • Members get 15% off of everything online and in our tasting room.
  • Each member will get 2 free beer tastings each month at the time of their choice and we encourage them to share their second tasting with a friend. A tasting includes 5 tasters of your choice.
  • Included membership beers will be stored until the time of the pickup party, after which we will auto-ship membership packages for $15 each. 
  • Shipping in California will be available for additional cost.
  • Proxies are welcomed for pickups. Pack-up service will be available for an additional cost. 
  • Additional member-only beers will be available for purchase online and on-site consumption, but will always remain exclusive to members. 

Important Dates

  • January 13th - Q1 club beers ready for pickup and shipping
  • April 14th - Q2 club beers ready for pickup and shipping
  • April 16th - Member pickup party
  • April 17th - Deadline to pickup or ship your Q1 and Q2 club beers
  • July 1st - Q3 club beers ready for pickup and shipping
  • October 13th - Q4 club beers ready for pickup and shipping
  • October 15th - Member pickup party
  • October 16th - Deadline to pickup or ship your Q3 and Q4 club beers

*all dates are subject to change, the beer will let us know when it's ready.  

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